Tommy Erickson

Chief Erickson is the Safety and Training Chief for the South Montgomery County Fire Department (SMCFD). As such, he is responsible for the coordination and management of the department’s safety and training programs. He has been with SMCFD since June 2010 but began his work in the fire service, in 1972, with the Timber Lakes Volunteer Fire Department, along with his step father, who was the one to spark the fire service interest in Tommy.

In 1974, Chief Erickson joined the Houston Fire Department and served there for 31 years. He served the first half of his career in fire suppression, responding to thousands of fires, including the two largest conflagrations in the City’s history. In 1991, he joined the Houston Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Response Team and served as Shift Captain until his retirement at the end of 2005. There were many life changing experiences learned there.

While working on the Hazardous Materials Response Team, he began to share his experiences and started teaching locally and nationally. The teaching opportunities allowed him to take the lessons learned to many states and countries around the globe. His approach was not only to share, but also to learn, and his goal was, and still is, to learn something new every day.

Chief Erickson is working toward the successful development of an integrated training program for SMCFD that will allow its members to maximize their own potential, and to provide the highest level of service possible for the residents of the district. Recognizing that each person has unique life experiences, he wants to blend these life lessons with tested fire service training methodology, and give a firm foundation to the members of the department that will enable us to build a world class fire department.

He is also working on the development of a safety and health program that will provide the membership with the tools necessary to operate safely in dangerous environments, possess the knowledge necessary for a healthy approach to the demands of a firefighting career, and maintain their awareness of the their own health status. Chief Erickson has been married since 1976 to his wife, Sherrie. They have three children and six grandchildren.