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Adopted 2018 IFC Code Amendments:

FIRE Codes & SCHOOL Fire Drills

The NFPA codes adopted by the State, fire drill requirements are set out on a monthly basis.  Here is a link to a good tip sheet summarizing the requirements.
Montgomery County has also adopted the 2018 International Fire Code which closely mirrors the NFPA codes.  Here is a link to the section that applies to drills.

Here are some other specifics;
408.3.1 First emergency evacuation drill.
The first emergency evacuation drill of each school year shall be conducted within 10 days of the beginning of classes.
408.3.2 Emergency evacuation drill deferral.
In severe climates, the fire code official shall have the authority to modify the emergency evacuation drill frequency specified in Section 405.2.
408.3.3 Time of day.
Emergency evacuation drills shall be conducted at different hours of the day or evening, during the changing of classes, when the school is at assembly, during the recess or gymnastic periods, or during other times to avoid distinction between drills and actual fires. In Group R-2 college and university buildings, one required drill shall be held during hours after sunset or before sunrise.
408.3.4 Assembly points.
Outdoor assembly areas shall be designated and shall be located a safe distance from the building being evacuated so as to avoid interference with fire department operations. The assembly areas shall be arranged to keep each class separate to provide accountability of all individuals.


City of Oak Ridge North

2018 International Fire Code