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Deputy Chief Retires
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It was a sad but exciting afternoon as Deputy Chief Tommy Erickson carried the last of his belongings to his car one last time, only this time with his family providing his ride home, after a total of 41 combined years in the fire service.

Chief Erickson came to us after a successful career with the Houston Fire Department. After a brief retirement from there, he answered the call to serve one more time with our newly established career department.

Within just a few years, ...Chief Erickson had developed a training program that became recognized on a national level, often welcoming training officers from all of the United States as they would come looking for guidance on their Departments programs from Chief Erickson.

The citizens of South Montgomery County were truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be served by such a fine man. While his presence in the office will be deeply missed, his legacy and mark on the community will remain.

Best of times in your retirement Chief.

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